Body Fat Testing

body fat testingRelying on a scale alone to give you your weight does not give you the total picture of what is going on with your body. Sometimes you’ll gain muscle while losing fat and the scale won’t show you the difference. Scales only tell part of the story. You can weigh yourself all day long, but it doesn’t matter what your weight is. It matters how you look, feel, and fit into your clothes. Muscle is going to be the only thing that will give you that solid lean look. By periodically checking both body fat % and weight, a person can monitor what is happening to their muscle and fat, and adjust their lifestyle accordingly.

A simple method for accurately checking fat is comprehensively having it measured with a skin-fold caliper. Based on your age, weight, and activity level, I will measure 3 – 4 site points with the caliper, and 7 site points with a tape measure.  I will explain your results and what range you should be in.  You can use these results to track your personal fitness progress.

1 Body Fat Assessment – $25

2 Body Fat Assessments $40

4 Body Fat Assessments $75


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